Gluten Free 6 Month Coaching Program

This private coaching experience is about working together to create a healthier, happier and gluten free lifestyle that you enjoy. Adopting a gluten free lifestyle when gluten actually makes you ill is VERY different than going on some diet. There are gluten traps everywhere. During this program I will provide you with specific insight, suggestions, recommendations and action steps to point your mind and body in the direction of healing.

Learning to Listen to Your Body - Online Program

All to often we get disconnect from our bodies when we are unhappy with certain areas of our body. This becomes especially true when we become sidetracked by an illness or diagnosis and we disconnect even further. This disconnect causes us to miss the clues that our bodies are trying to send us. Our bodies are working hard for us and all to often we forget this. This program will be about reconnecting ourselves with our bodies by learning to release the emotions of anger, resentment, fear, frustration and sadness that we have been holding on to for way to long.

Gluten Free Inspiration and Redirection Call

Sometimes we all need a little guidance to refocus and remember what's important. This option will leverage my considerable experience and get my undivided and personal attention on your health. Living life when gluten is poison to your body is about so much more than removing wheat and/or gluten from your diet.