Unfortunately, in today's healthcare less than 2% of or health care dollars are spent on prevention.  And less than 3% of doctor visits are spent discussing nutrition. The real truth behind this is most doctors have never been trained on these subjects, unless they sought additional answers for themselves or a close family member and then ultimately can share with their patients what they found worked for them. The trick is finding these doctors who are few and far between. 

This purpose of this page is to help you understand that not all doctors should be your doctor when you have celiac disease and or are gluten-sensitive, if this is not something that your doctor specializes in. There are far to many doctors out there who are giving out the wrong information that is ultimately harming your health and the health of your family.

It's important to know you have every right to interview the, to question them, test their knowledge in your search for finding the right doctor for you, this is your health, your rules. You can no longer afford to put your health and ultimately your life in someone who has not being specifically trained on how to best support you and your health. 

So please understand you very well may have to change doctors, you may have to go to a doctor in a different city, and in some instances in another state. And this will only happen when you fully grasp the fact that it takes on average 17 years for a researchers work to be implemented into practice by the doctor down the street. If you are truly suffering and have been for decades you honestly don't have roughly 2 decades to wait for your doctors to figure out what is going on with your health. You have to find a doctor who gets it, understands and knows what to look for, is researching the subject and has already begun implementing this NOW, not in 17 years

Yes, I can absolutely help you. Yes I have worked with some of the better doctors and doctors who were open and eager to learn more about this. In addition, I have spoken to several doctors who were not so open and its surprising the resistance from them.

 It is important to understand not all doctors will be open to this approach, not all doctors are able to answer these kinds of questions and some doctors become quite defensive. If that is the case, I move on to one who is. You need someone who knows how to look after you, who knows what to look for and who isn't taking a shot in the dark and hoping to help you.

So What the Bleep was created so that you better understand that maybe the doctor that you are currently seeing is not the best doctor for you. 

If your doctor has responded with any of these responses than its time to run not walk to another doctor because he or she is ill informed on the subject of celiac disease and/or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

The following are quotes from various doctors of  my clients, my friends, my family, myself and you.

If you'd like to share please click on the LINK below, no doctors names please. 

If you have any other comments your doctor has said to you that makes you think twice about them, please share, you could help many others like you, understand that they are not alone, that their doctors don't always know best and that sometimes we have to think outside the box in order to protect our health and the the health of those we love.