Heart Notes 

Lisa is incredible at delivering a message of finding yourself and really stepping into the gifts of who you are. Her way of teaching pulls you in and allows you to see the different textures of your own life. She has a heart of gold. I give her my thumbs up endorsement, go play with her, work with her and get to know her. You’ll be better for it.
— Shore Slocum
I have had IBS and had been struggling with it for years. It had gotten so bad that I stopped going out, unless I had to. All of that changed with Lisa. She managed to pin point some specific triggers, I changed diet and my lifestyle has brightened up. I can honestly say I am a different person. It’s so nice to not be sick every day.
— Carol Martin
You could feel the depth of Lisa’s heart with every word she spoke. Learning to honor what you have been through and how to forgive as well. She has taught me to look at myself from a different perspective and I think that is going to help me be more true to myself. Lisa has a glowing spirit and a love that she exudes and she is a true inspiration from the heart.
— Rick Richter
Seeing her heart and compassion for other people is really inspiring to me. She started off with different challenges and she is building on those challenges to help other people work on their challenges. What struck me the most about Lisa is her courage, she has the ability to look at things some people might think are a little scary and overcome it and teach it so other people can do the same.
— Doug Allen
Lisa’s message was about trusting your gut and believing in yourself. For anyone who has been in place of transformation in life it is such a poignant message. She uses her own life to really pull you in so you can relate to the message and are really there with her the whole way. I learned what can happen when you show up as the person. you are suppose to be.
— Susan Baker