I'll try?

What is it about the word trying that really gets to me?  I’ll try to be better.  I’ll try to be on time.  I’ll try, I’ll try but do we ever mean it?  Why is it that when we say that word, it feels more like a cop out to me?  If I really want something or if I am really committed to something there is no I’ll try involved.  There is a heck of a lot of I’ll make it happen, I’ll rearrange this, I’ll do’s but there is never any I’ll tries that I have found myself successful at anything?  

So why is it every time I think about working out “I’ll try” is the first thing that pops into my head.  Maybe it’s because I have been injured quite a bit - some even of my own doing.  Its almost like finally get to the gym and for whatever reason once I walk in those doors whether I was there yesterday, a few days ago or even a month ago I feel this urge that I have to bust my butt to push myself harder and harder cause there is no other way.  And to be honest I’m tired.  I’m too tired to work out like that anymore.  Its not working for me.  Maybe it’s cause of all the injuries and visits to the Chiropractor that I am finally starting to feel better the last thing I really want to do is push myself and hurt myself again so “I’l try” which really means to me “I’d rather not” or “Do I have to?” certainly no where near the “I’ll do it” that I know it takes to be successful and to make exercising a more consistent part of my life every day. 

So the question then for me has become “How can I make this happen?”  “How can I find a way to workout on a consistent basis and not hurt myself or I’ll try myself to death?”  And it was like someone switched on a light bulb in my head.  It is me who has the messed up notion of what it means to workout and exercise - no one said it has to be no pain no gain.  You know maybe I have been watching too much Julian Michaels lately :0) as I hear her screaming in my head.

But something switched inside of me as I finally realized that there is more than one way to exercise. It doesn’t have to be all about pushing myself to my limits everyday.  So I opted to take a Pilates Class for the first time ever and I have to say yeah I certainly need practice but it was a welcome change to feel my muscles stretching and elongating instead of feeling so tight that they were gonna snap.  So for the first time in I can’t remember when the thought of “I can do this” is wringing in my ears.  I can workout and not have to hurt.  So now the thought of what else can I do?  What else could work for me?  What could be fun and not hurt?  

It’s crazy but the power of questions and what you say to yourself on a regular basis, truly have an impact on your life.  So when you change it up a bit, you change what you focus on.  I was too busy trying to protect myself from getting hurt that I didn’t see that I had other options.  But when I finally asked better questions the answers came to me immediately.  So then my question to you is, what better questions could you be asking yourself?  and where do you “try” in your own life?

Till next time,