Do you know what it is like to feel beautiful?

First of all when was the last time you felt beautiful?  Do you have a specific outfit? shirt? jacket? dress? something that you wear that you think “Gee I feel beautiful”  and if  feeling beautiful is a stretch for you have you - ever thought you felt “cute”?  Do you even know what pretty even feels like?  For far too long I was so mortified with how I looked, embarrassed by myself because I was so use to beating myself up about how my body turned out that I actually put words in other people’s mouths that they never said instead of bettering my thoughts in my own head.  Have you ever done that?  Has your brain ever taken over and had a conversation for you?   I think it comes with years of unhappiness and everyone who I have met who isn’t happy with themselves has had these type of conversations.

But what I have learned is that even if I have the most gorgeous, fantastic and expensive clothes in my closet if I don’t like the me in them I’m never gonna be pretty.  So you can dress me up but you can’t take the ugly out of me cause its stuck in my head.  It wasn’t until I finally learned to turn down that voice did I ever learn to feel not bad, to okay, to kinda cute, to cute, to adorable and to finally pretty.  And I tell you it is a revelation to feel pretty on a regular basis.  Truth is we all have things in our closet that can be pretty if we only allow our brain to function that way.  When was the last time your brain thought you were pretty?  or that your makeup looked good?  or your hair looked nice?  or that dress was not bad?

My next question is when you feel pretty or cute do you carry yourself differently into the world?  Do people react to you differently when you carry yourself in a different manner?  And the answer is absolutely.  When you are confident and when you carry yourself with an air of self esteem not only do you treat yourself better but so does the world around you.  So why is it that we rarely make the effort to feel pretty?  Why is it that we fail to take the time to take care of ourselves so that we can put our best foot forward?  

I know absolutely when I am dressed like a bum so to speak, I feel crappy, I tend to eat crappy, look crappy, act and react to people in a negative or really nonchalant way.  And I also know that when I take a few extra minutes and put some great makeup on, do my hair and put on something that I’m not hiding my body in, I actually have a better day.  I actually am in a better mood, I actually am way more positive and therefore attract more positiveness to my life from here.  But some days it feels like I just can’t?  So my question is why can’t I?  Why can’t we make a concerted effort to feel pretty about yourself every day?  To turn down that voice in our heads and be the best pretty we can be today?  No judgment just be pretty that is my goal everyday.  I strive to like one think about my appearance every day.  Want to play with me?  How cool would it be if we learned to appreciate ourself a little bit more every single day?   A little self confidence goes a long way.  :)

Till next time.


Angels among us

Support systems are crucial to all of us.  They are a select group of special people in our lives that champion for us even when we don’t - these people are truly among life’s most amazing gifts.  I have been truly blessed in my life to have a few people who have been there with me through thick and thin, who have always somehow found a way to say the right thing at the right time, and who have truly made my life better because of them.  If it weren’t for these incredible people, I have no idea where I would be today.  I am extremely grateful that these “angels “are in my life.   And I truly hope that everyone has an angel or two in you own life who you can be honest with, who knows you at the depths of your soul, and who can lift you when you need it most.  These people can be your mom, dad, best friend, long-time friend or even a new friend that you really click with on a different level but they truly help shape the person that you are.  I also hope that you get to return the favor and be there for them when they need you the most.  

I have always believed that people come into our lives for a reason and if you feel bad about yourself you have a tendency to withdraw and hide a bit, even from ourselves sometimes.  This is no place to be.  Learned that lesson the hard way - that this is not living at all.  Not being present is robbing your friends and family of the beauty of who you are.  So why do we do that?  I have found for me that this was because of some silly and/or dumb fear that I manifested in my own head.  These fears popped up because I was feeling uncertain about myself, or about a situation, or about the people around me.  So I would shut down and cut myself off; but, then I realized that I was missing way to much of life and I was missing the joy of meeting the people who were coming into my life.  I never got to know the beauty of who they were or vice versa and I felt like I had cheated myself.  I would actually catch myself sometimes, shutting down right in front of people and I decided it was time for a major change.  Now, if you meet me I’m way more open and outgoing and even when I am still uncomfortable I still make myself be present and meet new people with a smile.  So I’d like to offer you a challenge of sorts, be bold, be present and become an angel to someone around you.  The world would be such a better place if it were filled with the amazing gifts of ourselves coming from a place of love and kindness.  Not to mention the fact that when you give an act of kindness like that I believe the universe gives that kind of kindness back to you tenfold so you really have nothing to loose and only fabulousness to gain.  Don’t you think?

Till next time,