Find your inner JLo

When was the last time you felt sexy?  Do you even know what it is to be sexy?  or what even makes a woman sexy?  Merrian-Webster defines sexy as generally attractive or appealing.  But to me sexy is more than that.  When you think of some of the sexiest people in Hollywood Jennifer Lopez always comes to mind, sure there are others but for me she epitomizes what sexy looks like.  You may think of someone else and that is totally fine, but my question to you is what is it about them that makes them sexy?  Sure they all have nice bodies, carry themselves a certain way and they exude confidence.  So then my question for you is confidence sexy?

I know my body is a constant work in progress as I am finally learning to love it and appreciate it as it is right now - so then the question comes up in my own brain do I have to wait to look like JLo to be sexy?  And I have to tell you for the first time ever the response surprised me cause it was Hell NO...  There are plenty of people who are sexy and aren’t a size two, being sexy is a state of mind not a dress size.  So why not add a little sexy to your day?  Why not surprise yourself and be attractive and appealing, we all know how to do that.  What is it that holds us back?  For me I know I’m out of practice, truly I don’t think I’ve ever felt particular sexy ever but then isn’t that my fault?  Absolutely, don’t let your brain give you some false images or false misconceptions or false talk to think that you can not be sexy cause that’s just plain silly.  

So I decided to sike myself out and try something new.  I have decided to do things that boost my confidence levels which for me includes working out and eating really healthy are always the best places to start.  I also decided to try on some clothes in the back of my closet that were a little snug and I have to say I was pleasantly thrilled cause they fit (hence the extra working out),  I also decided to pull out a pair of strappy shoes that I save for special occasions and pull out a pair of sexy underwear and guess what - when I had them on I felt sexy, I felt more like a woman, I felt more confident.  So why not do this every day - why does this have to be reserved for special occasions?  Isn’t every day that you are above ground a special occasion or possible could be?  So my challenge to you is to put on those strappy shoes, find clothes that fit your body and add some sexy undies to your life no one has to know.  :)  

Till next time,