Gluten Free Guide to a Healthy-Do-Over...

is not like any of the other gluten-free books you've flipped through or read before. There are no recipes in sight. Instead this book focuses on YOU. This book will show you how to take control of your health. Build a better relationship with your body, look at health from a different and gluten free perspective. In addition, showing you how gluten is impacting your health, today and in the future. This information is drawn on from the leading experts in the areas of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, my clients, my family as well as my own experiences. If you've had questions about gluten or have been struggling with any gluten challenges - than this book is for you.

This Guide Reveals

  • 6 Steps to Surviving Food Shopping
  • 6 Steps Dealing with Friends and Family
  • 6 Steps to eating Out Successfully

and much, much more....

What People are Already Saying About the Book:

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Lisa’s gluten free guide really shows the author’s knowledge of the subject. The book is an easy and pleasurable read and the author displays a very engaging and enthusiastic voice on the subject of gluten. I liked how she challenges the reader with the following question — “When did our health become an inconvenience?” A great rhetorical question and reminder that our health should never be regarded in this way.

Lisa does an excellent job of presenting a variety of expert viewpoints from the medical and non-medical community on how gluten can negatively impact your body. It’s also very nicely formatted and has a variety of pertinent quotes from gluten and celiac disease experts. She also discusses how gluten is found not just in many of our favorite foods, but also in many of the products we use. I was surprised by this, especially it’s use in cosmetics.

My favorite chapter was Chapter 9, which I found the most informative. She discusses the battles she had with her own doctors in getting diagnosed with celiac disease and the labs she’s gone to to get the tests that give her the most complete results on her condition. I really enjoyed reading through this guide, it was a real eye-opener on all things gluten and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s wants to remove gluten products from their life.
This is a fun and inspirational read for people interested in beginning a gluten-free lifestyle. Building a foundation for health begins with listening to your body. This book emphasizes how you can create a healthy ‘do-over’ by tuning into your body’s signals and how misconceptions about our health can begin in the most unlikely places—such as the advertising industry and through political motives. Simple, but scientific at the same time, this book explains gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and the differences between these conditions. Celiac disease is also introduced, and the author talks about how these conditions can be the underlying cause of many other conditions. I have celiac disease myself and found this book to be an excellent primer on all things gluten-free. With this book, you can begin to survive gluten-free food shopping, eat out gluten-free, and learn how to begin living again through a continued commitment to yourself. If you are ready to start feeling better, this inspirational book will introduce ways to achieve a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as an understanding of all the benefits that can come along with it!
— Alysa Wilson
We’ve all heard that gluten is bad for you. But do we really know why? Lisa Marichal has written a straightforward and easy to read book about the why and how of a healthier life, without gluten. It’s not a recipe book, but rather a guide to help you understand the reason you feel rotten, why you should improve your health and how it can be done by simply removing gluten. You don’t need to be Celiac or gluten intolerant to benefit from this book, only a wish to be healthier and feel great!
— Kim N
This is such a wonderful book. I love the authenticity in Lisa’s message. I was unaware of how much gluten can affect your health. It really opened my eyes. Her knowledge on this subject really helped me understand how to make better choices. I am going to implement these changes in my family’s lives.
— Abbigail Mason
When I first went Gluten-free because of gluten issues, I was left feeling overwhelmed and scared. What would I eat? It seemed daunting to me. IF I had Lisa’s book it would have been easier: She breaks down where gluten hides, what it is, how to food shop, what to tell family and friends and what to do about eating out. It’s a must have for anyone who has decided or been told gluten is not for them. Many people think that things labeled gluten free in the store are safe, and Lisa explains what is a better, healthier option.
— L. Fogarty
Gluten is a hot topic in the health world but it is difficult to know exactly all of the issues and what to do about them. Lisa offers in her book the soundest and broadest advice that I have found and I recommend this book to everyone.
The book covers all of the issues that might seem obvious (but are not so) yet exceeds the expected information by offering both simple practical advice for changing your life to accommodate eliminating gluten from your diet (and life), such as transforming your kitchen and even great advice for those eating out..such as ordering last when you need the wait staff’s attention to your special need ordering.
The sharing of her own story helped the reader to understand the deep and painful suffering that she and others are going through and how this book can save people from needless suffering. As a health coach I appreciate the education that this book offers and will share it with my clients.
— Dorothy H.
Eating gluten-free can be so complicated. I’ve been gluten-free for over two years now and this book offers insight I never even thought of. This book even covers ways to eat gluten-free when eating out which is ALWAYS a pain.
— B. Blue
Gluten free has been a new word in my vocabulary for the last 5 years and I still can’t seem to understand it. This book has everything I will need to know about gluten free foods and will guide me.
— Paola Henderson
The author wasn’t kidding! In an hour I learned everything I needed to know to do a healthy-do-over and learn about going Gluten Free! I bought the kindle but I am going to go back and buy the paperback to keep this on hand for my clients. Easy to read. Understand. Follow. Great flow and design. I love with it all comes together like that in a book! xo Lynne
— Lynne Dorner
Where was this book years ago when I was first trying to figure out what was going on with my body? Turned out that sugar, wheat and preservatives would send my health into a tailspin. I spent the following years trying to figure out how best to eat around my problem foods. Lisa is so open and honest in her approach to helping you understand how and why gluten may be causing some of you health issues. Gluten and all it’s health effects are just starting to be understood but many doctors still do not quite get it. So it’s open to only one person to figure out if gluten is an issue for you and Lisa gives you this beautifully written book to do just that.
— Tami R.