Gluten Free Diet is not enough!!!

Gluten Free Diet is not enough!!!

For so many people who suffer from celiac disease (and really any autoimmune disease) where gluten has become poison to your body, everything changes. The way that you look at food, the way that you shop, the way that you cook, the way that you interact with friends and family, and for some of us who we are.

Who we are because celiac disease robs us of our spontaneity.  In many cases celiac disease changes us and we are always on guard. It’s really hard for a celiac to truly relax and enjoy ourself. Plans becomes a challenge because we never know how we will feel in advance. Which only leads to anxiety and prayer that when the day comes we will be able to follow through and not disappoint others as well as ourself.

Disappoint your friends and family enough leads them to question your relationship. Disappoint yourself enough and you lose faith in you, because when you stop following through on your commitments and promises, even though with everything in your heart you wish you could be there, enjoying the moment, it chips away at who you are.

Celiac disease changes us. Changes us to our very core

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