Where is gluten hiding?

Where is gluten hiding?

Yeah sure if you have celiac disease or are severely gluten sensitive we all know to avoid the usual suspects like bread, breadcrumbs, cakes, cookies, pastries, donuts, wheat, barley, and rye but where else does gluten hide? Where else might gluten be lurking in your food? 

Staying gluten-free is critical to your health so it is important to find the hidden places where you might be surprised to find have wheat, wheat starch and gluten added. 

1. Oats 

Yes oats in nature are gluten free however it is how and where they are grown and how they are processed that becomes the problem. Most oats are processed along with wheat and flour therefore making cross-contamination very likely. Sometimes the oats are stored in silos that are also used to store other grains. So unless they are clearly marked as Certified Gluten Free Oats meaning they were grown, processed and stored safely stay clear of them.

2. Chewing Gum 

Believe it or not some brands of gum are not even safe because they use a gluten-based powder to keep the gum from sticking to the wrapper. It is crucial to double check the ingredient list here because not all gum is created equal in a celiacs world.

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