Top 5 Tips on Celiac Cheating….

Top 5 Tips on Celiac Cheating….

I’m not sure why but this week in particular several celiacs have talked about cheating whether that be on social media or in person. One of my friends was in about shock that after all this time, that I don’t ever have cheat days. Clearly they still don’t understand what it means to have celiac disease so these conversations prompted today’s post.

So here are my best tips regarding celiac disease and cheating.

Tip #1: Don’t cheat!

This is not a diet, this is not about trying to be eat right a few days a week and then it’s okay to fall off the wagon once a week, on special occasions, or holidays. Celiac disease is a LIFELONG autoimmune disease, not a diet. Lifelong as in for the rest of your life, I/we cannot eat gluten. So there are NO cheat days EVER!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

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