Week of Love

Think it’s important to be able to give and show love to those who support us. As someone who has had countless health issues that include tons of gluten pain. It becomes imperative that you learn to put yourself first and make your health a priority.

In doing so, my life has become so different than it was just a few years ago. Because my daily routines, the way I shop, the way I cook, the way I have to be prepared for any and all situations, the restaurants I can eat in, meeting friends for coffee now instead of lunches, and the hundred of other things have changed - once I realized gluten was poison to my body.

I think one of the most amazing things are have come from this disease is the fact that even though my relationships have been tested at times -  they have also been deepened and strengthened with some special peeps. In addition, I have also welcomed some newer friends into the fold of my heart.

Durning this process, I have learned love and support can come from the most unsuspecting places and that when it does it is a truly magical experience.

Sure like many others I know - having this disease or sensitivity it is not easily understood or taken seriously by so many people. Unfortunately, these people are no longer in my life. At the time, it was a hard pill to swallow and to think that due to an illness that I had no control over, that I would have to let go of some people from my life. But they chose not to support me and the new lifestyle that I have to lead. It’s sad, truly that some people are not kinder, are more judgmental, are less compassionate and not supportive of each other - but you can’t change who some people are. 

Sometimes we have to learn to chose what is best for ourselves and that becomes loving people from afar and that somehow has to be okay. It’s a tough lesson to learn that someone who you loved with all your heart did not love you back the same way. It truly is a lesson not only in life that we learn but also one that seems to come with this disease.

However, I choose to not focus who is no longer in my life and I look at things a bit differently. And, that is I’m glad to know the truth and yes it stinks but it shows me their true character and who clearly they are -  not who I wanted them to be. So at the end of the day, they have done me a huge favor and have made it so much easier for me to focus on and cultivate the relationships of those who do love me for me…. 

So this Valentine’s week, I’d like to suggest that we all do something extra special for those that do love and support us. We know we are not always so easy to love, to understand and to support! 

Yes, we realize that it’s not something we can always control but it still doesn’t always make it any easier for them - when we have to change plans unexpectedly, switch restaurants, skip parties or whatever they may have needed us for on a specific night that we just couldn’t force our body to do anymore that day.

You know you are blessed in your life when your friends and family see you as more than your disease.  You know that you are blessed when people want more for you than they want for themselves.  And you know you are blessed when these amazing people in your life hold you to a higher standard and lend a hand when needed.  They remind you to follow your dreams and to not settle for anything less than who you can be, even during a setback or two that you may have. These are your champions!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my champions/support group. They will never know just how much their kindness, understanding, and love have meant to me during this crazy journey. And, I know that these special people in my life now are the ones who will always be there - they want me to be healthy, they love me enough to give me the room that I need to create a new life for me, and they want me to succeed in all areas of life.

Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. And choosing to want more in your life is also a choice. So what choice are you making this Valentine's Week? 

I hope you choose to be happy and share your happiness and love with those who have supported you on your journey. Do something for them that brings a smile to their face and warms their heart. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just let them know you love and appreciate them for still being in your corner.

Spread joy, happiness and love this Valentine’s week and maybe even into the next several weeks and months.