Embracing your assets!

I came across this quote again the other day: 

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and I have to say with 2017 just beginning and so many of us are setting our intentions for the new year, this quote kinda stopped me in my tracks. 


Is it because we are all so use to being judged and judging ourselves so harshly that we fail to see the beauty of who we are and who we are becoming? 

Or is it because we are constantly told that we don’t measure up with our looks, our bodies, our smarts, our health, and our life?

Or maybe it's because we all feel inadequate and like a fraud in some way?

So the question that then came to my mind is….

The answer really is we can’t and we don’t. That’s why so many of us get stuck, run the same old patterns and have trouble following through on our goals. 

It’s not until you see yourself in a new light, with a new appreciation for who you are, what you have become, what you have been through and the fact that you are still standing…that is a huge flipping accomplishment that we all too often take for granted.

When was the last time that you took a moment to recognize yourself for anything? When was the last time you praised yourself for making a good choice or keeping your commitment to yourself?

If your like me, the answer is a big fat never…. It’s just do what I do, what is expected, what needs to get done, what is on my never ending to-do list and I repeat again tomorrow, You? 

But, is that really the best way? Is that working? I’d say for me, NO I often feel like I never accomplish enough or I should have done more. 

So if I’m focusing on what my limitations are and I’m feeling like I haven’t done enough….. how could I possibly ever believe that I can achieve my goals? Isn’t the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Hmmmmmm.

Now have I clawed my way to a goal before, absolutely…. but it was an absolute nightmare and I certainly didn’t stop and appreciate or celebrate that moment in time. I definitely don’t want to reach more goals this way, there has to be something in-between, don’t ya think?

I have to admit this was how I use to feel a lot. However, it took a shift in my mindset that led me to ask better questions to set myself up for success instead of the inevitable failure of having the same New Years Resolutions year after year.

Don’t you think you’ll be way more successful this way? I can definitely tell you without any hesitation that you will.

When you break apart goals and make them manageable, start scheduling out how you can make them happen and you focus on them every day (this is where your vision boards help) this is when magically things start to shift and you get in the grove instead of feeling like you are pushing a boulder uphill.

You may ask but what does this have to do with having an autoimmune disease and healing our bodies…. I can tell you, it has tons to do with it.

When you know more about the limitations of celiac disease and you constantly feel run down, when your immune system slows down and you are always sick, when your body starts breaking down even more and starts producing additional symptoms or challenges, when you are continually getting glutened, when you have very little support system and you have no where to look for a way out of the darkness…. I guarantee you, that from this place most days you are just clawing your way to survive. 

From this place, setting goals around better health seem nice but not something that you can even think about.... and this is a mistake. I know, I’ve been there. When you feel like your health is out of your control! Unfortunately, you won’t get better, your body won’t heal and you will continue to make poor choices because you are unprepared and haven't taken the time to learn more about your lifelong condition.

Our bodies have been through hell, it has been fed poison for years and you have ignored the warning signs and pain that it has been sending you for most likely years….. it is not going to bounce back in a matter of days. 

Just like after a woman gives birth, her body is not going to bounce back immediately. Are there things that she can do to take care of herself and her body that will help this process, absolutely… the question is will she do them? or will she never lose the weight and gain her pre-pregnancy body back? 

The same question applies to healing -

Isn’t it time to focus on the assets of having celiac disease? On being in tune with our bodies? On healing our bodies? On getting healthy (maybe even for the first time)? On getting stronger? On becoming awesome cooks? On living the best life we can? And, on thriving? 

Choice is yours…. I’m choosing to embrace my assets this year, You?

*** New changes for Healthy-Do-Over in 2017, our blog will be switching  to a twice a month blog format in order to focus on being of more service to you. Many of you have asked for more personal time with me. Unfortunately, my one-on-one coaching spaces are extremely intense and very limited. So the best way for me to do this will be to create some new online programs that will allow you to get the knowledge, love and care that you need. I will let you know just as soon as the first course will be ready (our goal right now is late April, early May). I look forward to helping even more people heal not only their guts but also their minds. 
XO, Lisa