Why No-GMO?


When you live with celiac disease or really any autoimmune disease removing gluten from all areas of your kitchen, pantry, cleaning products, medicine and even cosmetics will eventually come into play. Removing gluten from your food is really just the first step and the more you dig into your disease you will come to realize that gluten truly is everywhere. It is added to so many things that most would never even think of. Now I realize that there are several different points of views on this and everyone is entitled to their opinions but for me if comes down to three really key studies that led me to clean up more than just my food. 

First, it only takes 1/1000 of a gram of gluten (that’s equivalent to one crumb) to get into your system, to set off and trigger an immune system response in your body for the next three months. And that’s how much damage one crumb can do so truly understanding that gluten can be hiding in any of my products that I would digest is the first step to trigging a constant reaction in my immune system.

Second, study published in the British Medical Journal in 2004 has showed that participants with celiac disease had a 30% greater likelihood of developing some form of cancer (mostly gastrointestinal malignancies) in a three and a half year observation period. 

Three and a half year study what about a lifetime? There have not been any studies done that long but if in a three and a half year timeframe they have found that I am at a 30% risk for developing cancer - than why not get ahead of this and start removing chemicals that are known to cause cancer from my life now, before this happens? For me, it was just a no brainer to clean up all the areas of my life not just some of them.

That is why my philosophy has always been about eating real, clean, non-geo, organic, fresh foods. Now I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say that GMO’s are fine and they don’t truly harm to our bodies. And, I can only say that would be your opinion but when was the last time that you researched this? Do you truly understand what you are eating and how much damage those pesticides are causing your body and your health? 

I was recently reading an article on the Natural News “GMOs are dangerous to our health, according to latest independent research” and it stated that “Dr. Young's work showed how Roundup is an endocrine disruptor in human cells at surprisingly low amounts. It doesn't take much Roundup to disrupt hormones; the levels of Roundup allowed in municipal drinking water is enough to cause harm.” 

According to Wikipedia an endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.[1] Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors. Specifically, endocrine disruptors may be associated with the development of learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems; deformations of the body (including limbs); breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other cancers; sexual development problems such as feminizing of males or masculinizing effects on females, etc.  

Now as someone who has an autoimmune disease doesn’t all of that apply to you? 

My hormones are all screwed up, you? our chances of getting cancer according to British Journal went up 30% in a three year period, and yup I can definitely say that at times my brain fog was so bad that I simply could not remember so obviously there is something that is not right there with my brain, how about you?. 

Here is a great article “12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them” by the Environmental Working Group that is eye-opening to say the least. 

So the questions becomes is the that additional 50 cents for that apple or whatever produce or product that I am about to purchase, is that worth it? Is the additional cost worth the trade off for my health?

  • Is it worth protecting me?
  • my health? 
  • my disease?
  • my body giving it time to heal and hopefully not get a second autoimmune disease?
  • my brain?
  • my chances of getting cancer?

The crazy thing to me is that most European countries and Russia have banned GMO’s and yet here in the United States we are still fighting big business just to have our products labeled. 

In July 2016, our big business used their influence to pass the DARK Act which denies Americans the Right to Know whether or not our foods are genetically modified. This new law prohibits states from requiring mandatory genetically engineered food (GMO) labeling. And unfortunately, this blocks the GMO labeling law in Vermont had already passed that went into effect at the beginning of July 2016. This DARK ACT also blocks any other states from requiring GMO labeling despite public opposition.The DARK Act is a major setback for transparency in our food. 

It’s important to understand that our food supply is not about helping people eat, real, clean foods it’s about money. Lots and lots of money! And the compromise that is trying to be sold to us is in regards to QR codes. You know this:

We’ve all seen then before but what does that have to do with my food? The Grocery Manufacturers Association want us to walk around our grocery stores and scan each flipping item with our smart phones to see if an item is a genetical modified franken-food or GMO. Really? Here’s a great article that shows “There is Nothing Smart about Smart Labels”

In addition to those ten reasons, I don’t know about you but half the time the cell phone reception cuts on and off in the grocery store and I’ve had a tough enough time checking an app that I had to see if it had any hidden gluten in it, in the beginning of my journey. 

Now as someone who had to learn to become a gluten food detective because there are so many other names for gluten …. This is truly the list, I carried around with me in my purse because I couldn’t always check the gluten-free apps.

NOW I’m suppose to scan everything and become a GMO detective for everything I put in my shopping cart? Just to figure out if it is real food that was grown in the ground and won’t kill my body with chemicals? Truly, growing my own food is looking better by the moment. Scary what is happening here in the US politics and big business. 

Having celiac disease or any autoimmune disease means that you have to ask the questions and do some investigating that most people never even think to do. Yes, it can become overwhelming and exhausting but you still have to do it, your health depends on it. The choices that you make every single day have a definite affect on your well being. Best of luck to you and me, I think we are all going to need it living here in the US. 

[1] Wikipedia Staff (2013-06-05). "Endocrine Disruptors". NIEHS.

* Here’s my little disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, researcher, immunologist, just someone deeply concerned and trying to help as many peeps as I can make conscious, good, healthy choices for their health and their bodies when living life with gluten challenges. I have not been compensated or obligated to write this article, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own!