7 Gina DeVee takeaways with celiac health twist!

I was recently at a Gina DeVee business seminar and I found so many takeaways that can easily be applied to our health that I thought I’d share some in hopes of giving you a new perspective on our own celiac health as 2016 is coming to a close.

How true is that statement!?! As a woman, we organize our day and our lives based on our needs being met, based on what we believe is most important to us and based on who we love. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, yet somehow we find time to love and support all the special people in our lives no matter what else is going on in our lives. But do we love and support ourselves? Do you make time to take care of your body? Do you make time everyday to support your own health?

What does health success look like to you? Do you consistently make good food choices? Have you become a master gluten dedicator? Do you read all your food labels? Have you taken steps to be prepared when you go out with gluten free foods? Are you focusing on healing your gut? 

Have you accepted the fact that celiac disease is a lifelong disease and that there are no cheat days ever? Have you stopped apologizing for being an inconvenience to everyone else? Have you taken responsibility for your health? Have you taken the steps to become healthier? Have you learned to become a great gluten free cook? Do you stand in your strength as a celiac? Have you learned to appreciate your disease - for the wake-up call you needed to take better care about yourself?

Your celiac disease is not going away, ever. You can learn to turn off the mechanism that causes your body to constantly attack itself but that takes commitment to your healing, some time and some major changes in your diet, have you made them yet? Have you stopped expecting everyone else to accommodate you? Have you leaned the art of saying “No” and stopped feeling bad when you just can’t? Have you weeded out your old friends, acquaintances and even some family too because they would not support you and choose to not understand that this is a disease and not a diet? Have you learned to be patient with your body? Have you forgiven your body?

Where we live in our heads, absolutely has a direct outcome on how you live your lives. If you are angry because you have celiac disease, and you feel like this is a curse than this will absolutely make living with celiac disease every day a burden. If you believe that getting celiac disease helped you get more in touch with your body and signals (aka pain) that it has been sending you, that you are healthier now than ever before - this will certainly make this journey easier. Changing our mindsets takes time, this will not happen overnight but neither will your healing - so make it a practice to start focusing on the good that can eventually come from this disease. What you say to yourself every day absolutely makes a difference in your life! Will the rug get pulled out from under you and this will mean that you won’t get glutened or have another complication from this disease, unfortunately no. But, I chose to take those as reminders and deepen my commitment to myself, how about you? My mantra has always been:

tomorrow will be a better day, this is just a minor setback on the crappy days to get me through! How about you what is your celiac disease mindset? And, what do you tell yourself to get through the yucky days? What is your mantra that helps you get through the tough times, feel free to share in the comments below.

Yes, even with our health. Far too many of us suffer in silence and never truly get the support that we really need. Doctors have a tough time diagnosing celiacs and they have an even tougher time putting the pieces together of the additional complications that come up because of this disease. Educating yourself as much as you can is absolutely key to your healing. Healing will require some out of the box thinking, that truly may not make sense to many people and that has to be okay. Overcoming others people’s judgment of your health choices can be really difficult especially when they are loved ones, put no one can understand your pain like someone who has been there too. Finding someone who is in your corner when you stumble, when you need some support, when you need help connecting the dots to your symptoms, when you are still feeling like crud after you have been gluten free for a while - is truly invaluable. That’s where I come in, as a celiac coach and your personal health cheerleader helping you navigate the sea of challenges that come up when gluten is poison to your body.

When you have celiac disease it is all too easy to get stuck on focusing on the wrong things… What is wrong with me today? I don’t feel good, again? I’m not sure I can make that commitment, because I don’t know how I’ll feel next week? Let’s hope I don’t get glutened today? Why am I so tired? etc, etc. Not only do we need to change our mindset and ask ourselves better questions, but it’s time to start asking questions for things that we desire. It’s time to start using the power of focus towards healing and getting healthy. And start asking questions like: How can I create a healthy celiac body? What would that look like to me? How can I take better care of myself? What specific steps could I do to achieve this?  What would it take for my celiac disease to become a breeze to deal with? What would I have to believe about my celiac disease for it to be the best thing that ever happened to me? What would it take to heal my body? What steps could I take today, to get one step closer to my goal? These type of questions require our brains to start searching for answers - which is a fabulous thing! Requiring more of our thoughts and more of ourselves puts you back in control. It helps you start focusing on all the good that can come from your autoimmune disease and not stuck in the yuck. Standing for the &, helps remind us what’s most important. That we are worth it! That we are enough!  And, that we can still have a flipping fantabulous life even with celiac disease! I think we’ve forgotten this, don’t you? 

Currently, we are in the middle of the holiday craziness and so many of us have put ourselves and our health on the back burner until 2017!  Yes, we have all been there, myself included a few years ago. However, I can no longer put those kind of crazy demands on my body and expect it to truly heal.  One of the major keys to shifting your body into healing mode is learning the signs that scream it’s time to slow down, even when we still have 97 things on our to-do-list. 

Your health is really a choice…. A woman makes time for what she wants!  When you take time to take care of yourself, it is so much easier to set yourself up for success, to stand in your strength and power as a celiac, to stop accepting excuses even from yourself, to direct your thoughts and words in a way that are truly beneficial way and to absolutely stand for the & in your life. Thus, creating a holiday season filled with love, happiness and joy instead of full of obligations, sickness and just enduring them, yet again.

This is my holiday wish for you!  There can be so much more in your life that comes when you find the right mentor for you, who can help you make some truly positive changes you know you want to and need to make in your life. Sure hope you find the best mentor or coach for you! It can truly make a huge difference in your todays and tomorrows. If you feel like I'd be a good fit for you, please reach out to me and check out the programs that I am currently offering.