What do you believe about being a celiac?

  • Do you believe that your life is over?
  • Do you believe that you will never be healthy again?
  • Do you believe that you will always be ill?
  • Do you believe that your body will always be in pain?
  • Do you believe that no matter how hard you try that you will still get sick?
  • Do you believe that food will never taste good again?
  • Do you believe you are missing out on life?
  • Do you believe that you will never be happy again?
  • Do you believe that you are alone?
  • Do you believe that it can’t get better?
  • Do you believe that you will never get a hold of what is going on with your body?
  • Do you believe you just can’t handle one more complication?
  • Do you believe that all occasions and the holidays that resolves around food are a nightmare?

These are all common beliefs that center around getting diagnosed and/or a day in the life of a celiac. We have all had those days when we just can’t seem to get out of our own way and nothing is right. It’s when we stay stuck that this way of thinking becomes a problem. 

This time of year brings out the best and worst in many people because we are all so busy trying to get everything done, our social calendars are fuller, add holiday shopping, and decorating too - there just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day for all of us…. than you add the stress of our food into the mix and it can easily be overwhelming. 

Unfortunately, as a celiac this will NEVER change; but, it will absolutely get easier. It’s about learning to set yourself up for success. Setting yourself up for success is not a new concept; however, it is rarely used in conjunction with our health and our food.

I think all too often we focus on all the negative and difficulties of having this disease. One of my favorite quotes:

How true is that? As a celiac, we all know exactly what we can’t have and can’t do! 

What if we decided to change this? 

  • What if we started focusing on all that we do have? 
  • What if we started focusing on all that we are grateful for? 
  • What if we started focusing on all that we are working towards? 
  • What if we stopped making excuses and started being more prepared?
  • What if we consciously made better choices?
  • What if we stopped listening to everyone else’s opinion of us and our disease?
  • What if we started taking better care of ourself?
  • What if we stared a journal of happy thoughts?
  • What if we learned to make our favorite dishes gluten free and it tastes fabulous?
  • What if we learned to say NO, when our bodies just can’t be pushed today?
  • What if we started believing in our bodies healing?
  • What if we become grateful that this disease helped you get in better touch with your body?

Changing our beliefs and our thoughts won’t happen overnight, this takes practice and work. Mastering our health, our body, our energy is one of the keys to happiness, I truly believe and work on improving everyday. The challenge is many of us carry certain beliefs that keep us stuck and from truly being successful making a celiac disease lifestyle change. This is so much more than just swapping out some food, this is about making a decision to lead a better quality life. 

The problem is no one can make this change for you. No once can force you to put your health first. No one can make you important to you. No one can make better food choices for you. No one can stand up for you, when others want you to cheat. No one can make you reconnect with your body. No one can get you to slow down and listen to your bodies clues. No one can force you to get up everyday and expect today to be an even better day. Only you can and in truth this only takes a moment…. The moment that you make the decision to put your health first everything changes.

It’s when we push back and won’t make this decision that’s when you suffer. When you won’t honor yourself enough even when your body and your health is screaming for your attention. Celiac disease won’t go away, celiac disease is a lifelong condition. Trying to pretend that this disease is not a big deal and doesn’t require some major shifts in your life, than you are fooling yourself. You are not invincible and this disease will evidentially take you down in the form of all the additional complications and eventually cancer.

Am, I saying that you will not have additional complications if you put your health first, sadly no. However, I do believe it’s the meaning and the emotions that you attach to the disease and any complications that they will absolutely determine where you live. Where you live in your head? What you chose to focus on every day will manifest in your life and in your body.  

If you ask, why me? and focus on this new complication and believe that it is because “I’m not well”, then you will continue to make decisions from this place and guess what - the chances of you bumping into health are slim to none. 

The direction of your thoughts and your beliefs absolute create the world that we live in. And, this ultimately will lead to your health.

Yes, you have celiac disease. Yes, there will be complications. It’s what you believe about you having this disease, that will determine the quality of your life living with celiac disease. Just because you have this disease does not mean that you can’t be healthy and enjoy your life. It’s all a matter of setting yourself up for success, being prepared and focusing on making better choices every single day.

Would love to hear your success tips for living your life when gluten is poison to your body.