What does self-care look like to you?

I have to say that after recently being glutened for the first time in a long time, I had forgotten just how long it takes my body to bounce back. 

I realize what happens to one celiac does not necessarily happen for the other. No two of us look the same or react the same, ever. And, aside from that making us extremely difficult to diagnosis it also makes connecting the dots to all of our issues that much harder to get a complete picture of our health. 

What does getting glutened look like to you? How do you feel better? Do you heal your body? And what do you do? What does this look like?

One of the best things you can do is rest… Get as much sleep as you can. Increase you probiotics by adding some good bacteria into your gut and for me, I need to increase my Omegas 3, 6 to help with the inflammation. 

Truly, though I think the biggest hurdle becomes your mind. How you handle the situation when your body has shut down? How much to you push your body? How much do you push your mind? Can you be productive? Can you go to work? Can you take care of your family? For me, the answers are mostly no because I’m barely holding on. 

So what do you do? Where do you go for inspiration? Do you binge watch tv on netflicks? Do you read? Do you spend hours on social media? Do you mediate? Do you get out of your pj’s? Do you do light exercise? Do you eat? Do you shut yourself off from everyone? I can honestly say, I’ve done all of these for days when I have zero energy and I just can’t get my body or mind going.

The question becomes - how long is it acceptable to do this? Is it a day, two, five, ten, two weeks, month? When is enough, enough? And how long do you beat yourself up because you have had to slow your life down to a crawl because your body is screaming for it? And, is there a better way to do this?

No you can’t force your body to hurry up and heal. You can’t force your body to produce enough energy. You can’t force your brain to suddenly work. You can’t force your gut to stop being inflamed and attack itself. 

For me, you absolutely have to focus on what you can control. What you can do and not on what I can’t do. 

I have had to learn to stop getting angry and frustrated with my body because in truth it only takes me longer to recover than when I’m kinder to my body. And, I know that as soon as my body starts feeling better, than I go right back to being productive and go right back to living my life but in the main time, I have had to learn to have patience with myself and with my body. How about you, do you have patience with your body? Do you have patience and set yourself up for success or for failure? Do you support your body to heal? or do you just survive this too?

It has taken me years to stop beating myself up and to stop being angry at myself but I can finally say that it truly has been a blessing and has allowed me to finally connect even more with myself and my body. You see when you are so disconnected from yourself, we forget how to truly be kind to ourself. 

Learning the art of self care has truly become one of the most necessary skills I have ever learned. This looks different on days when I have been glutened than my every day but it is very much absolutely critical to living a healthier life.

What does self care look like to you? What does taking care of yourself look like? So many of us forget to even add ourself to our own to do list, so the idea of self care seems selfish and wrong.  

When did putting our best self forward become a bad thing? When did filling up ourselves enough in order to give more to those we love become wrong? How are we even suppose to help every one else when we are so empty and have nothing left to give? 

If we constantly ignore ourselves and our health our bodies will eventually demand our attention in the form of dis-ease in our bodies. Sometimes it starts out small and sometimes we’ve been ignoring ourself for years and decades so it comes in the form of a major diagnosis. 

I know most of us never think about our bodies this way; but, is it wrong to think about taking better care of ourselves mentally and physically so that we can live happier, healthier lives?

The questions are, has your diagnosis (of becoming a celiac, or that you are gluten sensitive or that you have an autoimmune disease) slowed you down enough to make you pay attention to what your body is telling you? Have you learned the best way to take care of yourself? Have you learned how to heal your body? Have you stopped trying to find a way around your diagnosis? Do you embrace that there are no cheat days ever? Do you fully understand what you are doing to your body and your health long-term? And, have you incorporated self-care into your daily routine and life?

It isn’t until you can answer YES to all of these questions that you will be making a massive shift in your health and your life.