Are you ALL-IN?

As January comes to a close… How are you doing with your 2016 goals? Are you on track? Have you stayed committed? Have you been side-tracked? Changed direction? or Simply given up? 

One of my favorite quotes from Tony Robbins is “There is ALWAYS a way when you are committed” So how committed are you to your goals and/or resolutions? Do you want them enough? 

  • If the answer is YES that you are committed and you are doing awesome, than fabulous for you. 
  • If the answer is YES that you are committed but you’ve fallen off the wagon, then it’s time to get recommitted to your goals and find are stronger reason WHY reaching this goal is important to you.
  • If the answer is NO that you are not committed enough to your goal, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and create a new goal for 2016 that you are committed to, we have eleven more months to make things happen in 2016. So what are you committed to changing and improving in your life?

Reaching your goals and following through on your commitments is about digging deep and making a choice to honor and love yourself enough to follow through even when times get tough, even when you no longer find it fun, even when “others” have given up - it’s about staying focused eye on the price and think about how amazing it will feel when you have achieved your goal. The days, weeks and months are going to go by regardless so don’t sell yourself short and break your promise to yourself this time, lets make this time and this year different.

The best and easiest way to stay on track is to schedule time everyday, to do something to take a step closer to reaching your dreams. Get out your calendar or planner and find a way to build in the time that you need every day. The key is to make this time non-negotiable time and try your best to not devalue how important this goal is to you. Sure there will be days when your time slot needs to move an hour or two one way or the other, the key here is to know your outcome, and be sure to celebrate your little successes along the way. 

Your commitment, your purpose, your why’s and a little bit of momentum are powerful motivators to keep you going or to help you quickly recover and get back on track when you have had a bad few days. No one is ever going to be perfect, life happens, you will get pulled off track; however, when you clearly have a plan - everything is easier when you have already laid out the foundation and you know exactly why you want it, the rest just gets easier…. This is what I call going all-in, staying true to who you are now and stepping into your new role as a better version of you because it’s part of who you are.

Consistent action is what makes your goals, your reality. Dipping your toe in and dabbling leads to heartache and a whole lot of broken promises to yourself. Broken promises to yourself are truly the worst kind, because they hurt the very core of who we are. Each time we fail to step into the best version of ourself, I believe it leads to a giant step in the wrong direction of being the best you, you can be.

So step up and recommit yourself to your goals for 2016, redefine them if you have to, that’s perfectly okay but certainly don’t give up on you. Our habits, our time, or lifestyle choices are huge part of who we are. Find the strength and find the way to believe in you. As I said at the beginning of 2016 “Cheers to finding a way to make your goals, your reality!” May the rest of your 2016 be filled with vibrant health, lots of love, happiness, joy and new beautiful realities. 

And, if gluten is an issue for you, this year commit to yourself to making your health a real priority, change your habits and take consistent action towards your health, your healing and your life. I’m certainly glad you have found me and I’m honored to be on this journey with you. Should you’d like a much more in-depth look into the world of going gluten free, please check out my book Gluten Free Guide to a Healthy-Do-Over.