Top 3 Tips on Successful Girl Time…..

Every girl has some girlfriends who you have known forever and who have been with you through thick and thin. The challenge happens when you suddenly realize that you can no longer do the same things that you use to and it changes the dynamic of your friendship. 

Yes these girls will always be part of your life but some things will be different and this is part of growing up together and also part of us learning to grow together.

Food now and forever will always be a tad bit different for you. Going to restaurants, happy-hours, traveling and hanging at each others homes, will not be so easy anymore and will require some work on both of your parts.

And in truth some days you will long for those carefree days and it will all to easy to forget the pain, discomfort and issues you suffered afterwards. 

Tip #1:

Sit down and explain to your bestie what is going on with you. How this has been affecting your health. And, how you can no longer do some of the things that you use to. This in general will lead them to feel like you are breaking-up with you and will make them extremely uneasy and nervous especially if you have done the same thing every Friday night, for example. The key here is to assure them, that you love them and that things have to change because you can’t live like this anymore and invite them in to some of what you are learning about and in time you may inspire them to take their own health more seriously.

Tip #2:

In the beginning there will be an adjustment period for all of you. As old roles begin to change and this is only natural for there to be some resistance. It is just hugely important to remember that you must look after your health. If you use to hang out every Friday night, drinking beers and eating pizza at the local bar and you are just not comfortable being in that situation right now, your friend will understand but she may not like it. 

In addition, she may be fine with you skipping one or two but may not be so supportive if you refuse to go back again.

Tip #3:

This is why finding some new common ground and new things you’d both be able to do together is crucial. Schedule some “me time” and make it some “us time”. Get mani, pedi’s together, schedule massages together and then go out for a healthy gluten-free lunch, take a cooking class together, an art class, go workout together, whatever it is have fun together and find new ways to connect and enjoy each others company as you are looking for new and more beneficial ways to look after your health.

This way your friends will feel like they are part of the journey and not feel resentful of what can’t be anymore. It’s all about replacing the not so positive with the very positive and in time you will create new rituals and new routines for example on Saturday mornings.

Would love to hear you tips on switching up girl time, I am always looking for great ideas and new things to do with my friends, so please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.