Top 3 Tips on Irritability…..

Let’s face it peeps, when hunger strikes and you are not prepared like most people we get a little cranky. When we know better, we get annoyed with ourselves and as someone who lives with gluten challenges, you know that your key to a successful day is to be prepared for anything.

I swear some days, my purse is more of a cooler than an actual purse. But that’s another story. Hee!Hee! I’m pretty sure, I’m not alone here.

The challenge is when the unexpected comes up and what started off as a few errands, turns into an all day event and you may not always be read for such an instance, so what do you do?

How do you handle it when you suddenly find yourself out all day, with no options and you are beyond starving, now you are tired and guess what happens next you snap at someone and it wasn’t there fault.

So here are my Top 3 Tips, hope they help.

Tip #1:

First thing I do is drink some water. Lots of times, I have found that I am more dehydrated than anything else. So if I don’t have a big bottle of water with me, I can always run into ant gas station and get some bottled water. Gas stations are not known for their gluten free selection so I generally stay clear of them all together but if I’m really in need of something than I’ll grab a small bag of nuts and that will usually will do the trick.

Tip #2:

I try and leave some snacks in my car. Now I live in Miami and it is hotttt and humid, so whatever I leave in my car is usually an emergency go to item. Usually a handful of gluten free pretzels or something that will not spoil and/or melt does the trick. Pretzels by no means the most nutritious snack but it sure beats grabbing for a bag of spoiled nuts, I’ve done that before and yuck or not having anything at all. 

At least these take the edge off my appetite as well as my temperament, until I can stop somewhere or get home.

Tip #3:

Give yourself a break, we all make mistakes. And, no one can be prepared for every situation. We all are doing the absolute best that we can. So getting annoyed and angry with yourself won’t help. Just take a few deep breaths and when you walk in the door, grab some protein and try and and give yourself a few moments to recover. Now is not the time to unload the car and now is not the time to immediately start dinner.

A few moments of quite time, don’t answer the phone, try not to get involved in a conversation right away. I have been known to make a quick protein drink and say I’m all yours when this is done. Cause right now, I can’t listen to you. Right now, I need a moment or I’m gonna bite your head off and not mean too. Guess what, they will back away gladly because your quick temper is not their fault, so you are trying not to jump all over them.

We all have known people who become a bear when hunger strikes and I was never that person but with celiac disease, I have become that person some days. Some days I have no control over it and some days it doesn’t bother me, we are all different. 

How is your temperament different now that you have celiac disease or are gluten-sensitive? Notice any changes?

Would love to hear your tips on you are dealing with your temperament, please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.