Top 3 Tips on Healthy Eating

In the beginning of our gluten-free journey, we are all just trying to cope with our fears and anxiety over never being able to eat our favorite foods again.

So I always suggest, finding new and gluten-free ways to reproduce your favorite foods in finding a new way for you to learn to get comfortable and relax around food again.

Going gluten-free takes some time and patience and experimenting in the kitchen. If you weren’t a great cook, like me you quickly learn some new skills out of sheer survival mode. The big key is learning to enjoy the process, that truly makes the entire process so much more enjoyable.

I’m not sure how or why exactly but after a while, there comes a point where you realize that not all processed foods are created equally and some foods may cause you to have a reaction even though they are labeled gluten-free. I think this is the next phase of your journey. 

This is where things really get interesting and you really start opening your eyes to what else is in that ingredient list that you have been scanning through making sure that there is no wheat, barley or rye in it.

Tip #1:

Cut back on processed foods. Make smart choices when choosing items in a box or a bag. Try to stick with items that have fewer than five ingredients and that you can pronounce all of them.

Tip #2:

Start experimenting more in the kitchen and also when you are food shopping. Once you get the hang of things, we all get into ruts and pretty much grab our usual stables. 

When you start cutting back on the middle aisle items, start checking out the more and more items on the outer aisles. Try new fruits, veggies and proteins. Whole, real foods are best.

Tip #3:

If you haven’t already now it’s time to take a closer look at what are GMO’s? What is the difference between conventional and organic? What’s the difference between free range and pasture raised? How about antibiotics and hormones are they safe for me to eat? 

And start exploring how eating some of these items can seriously slow your healing process down and how some of them can help speed the healing process up.

This is a gradual step, we can’t throw everything at you at once or you will get so overwhelmed and not know where to begin. So just like before give yourself some time, to do a little research and make the best decisions you can for your health. 

Whenever you take the time to invest in your health, I believe that it comes back to you tenfold.

And just like Maya Angelou use to say,

“when you know better, you do better”

Would love to hear you tips on how you are doing better, eating more healthy and gluten-free, so please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.