Top 3 Tips on Food Shopping

Let’s face it food shopping is going to be different now that you have gone gluten free. And honestly I believe all people who go gluten-free go through stages and their eating evolves. 

Normally our first thoughts when we are told that you need to go gluten-free is how am I ever going to live without ______ (you fill in the blank). 

The most successful gluten-free peeps that I know have all learned to make updated, healthier versions of their old favorite foods. 

You cannot think in terms of what you can no longer eat but in what you get to eat and it is hugely important to focus on how much better you will be feeling with food that is no longer toxic to you in your system.

Eventually you will create and enjoy all new favorites and these will become your new staple but for now lets stick with learning to recreate the foods that you love and you too will evolve from there.

Tip #1:

Leave your kids and spouse at home. In the beginning, until you get the handle on this. Reading labels cannot be rushed. Eventually, you will get the hang of this and you will be able to shop in half the time but in the beginning it is important to not be rushed. 

And, start in the produce department. This is one of the safest aisles in the grocery store. So load up your cart here and don’t forget to stock up on healthy snacks for you too, not just the kids.

Tip #2:

Do not buy anything in bulk when first going gluten-free. The reason being to try different brands of the same product and experiment and find the ones that you like best. 

Your taste buds will eventually change, so you may often find yourself switching brands and eventually gravitating to the healthiest versions, but for now focus on finding replacement foods for your old favorites so you don’t feel like you are missing out.

Tip #3:

Baking is a whole new ballgame when cooking with alternative flours. They tend to be heavy, dry and fall apart. So you may want to consider trying xanthan gum or guar gum which add volume and viscosity to bread and other gluten-free baked goods.

and as a Bonus Tip:

It may be time to consider switch to a Natural Food Store which caters more to people’s health. Some of them even have lists on-line that you can print-out to make it easier for you to identify the gluten-free brands, which is extremely beneficial when just beginning.

Would love to hear your tips on how food shopping, please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.