Top 3 Tips on Food Prep…..

One of the best things that you can do for yourself when you have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive is to try and be as prepared as you can be food-wise. And that for me, works best when I generally food shop on Saturday and then Sunday is my cooking and prepping day for the week.

I am generally a pretty busy girl and most days I work from home which is both a good thing and a bad thing. When I get engrossed in a project hours upon hours can go by and I have no clue how quickly time passes. I often forget to eat or suddenly remember when my stomach is growling up a storm. At this point it is great to be home but I’m not about to stop and start cooking from scratch and interrupt my whole flow and loose track of where I am. So if I don’t have something that I can quickly heat up on the stove, than I’m more likely to grab a protein bar or something quick so I can get back to work.

So I have learned the art of food prep for the week and it is awesome when I do it. And, boy am I grumpy when I don’t. I can certainly tell the difference in better quality meals when I put in the work and snacks too.

Tip #1:

Review your recipes and decide ahead of time what your menu will be like for the whole week. And try to mix and match meals accordingly, so that you can repurpose a dinner for a lunch and vise versa. This helps cut down on lots of leftovers and wastes as well. 

Make your shopping list from your recipes this way you are sure to get everything you need and not a bunch of extras that you don’t .

Tip #2:

After food shopping, I generally like to clean all my fruits and veggies before I put everything away. This also makes cooking go way faster than if you have to constantly stop and start cleaning.

I have limited counter space so I am constantly having to do to things in shifts, so this really helps me out, quite a bit.

Tip #3:

On my cooking day, plan to be in the kitchen for a while, so I like to put some great music on and dance in the kitchen or I put on a class that I want to listen to. I’m all for doing two things at once and making the best use of my time.

Spend a little time getting organized, have your recipes handy and try and do the things that take the longest first. 

Since I have planned ahead, I know for example one day I’m going to have a sweet potato cooked in the oven and another time I’m going to have sweet potato fries baked in the oven so I use the same item in different ways for different meals. So I’m aware of this when cutting and chopping and am able to leave some for part two and can pre-cook just about everything so that when I need to have a quick lunch or dinner ready, I can do so in about ten to fifteen minutes tops.

Would love to hear you tips on food prep, I am always looking for great ideas on how to stay better organized and make things quicker, please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.