Top 3 Tips on Brain Fog…..

People ask me all the time if brain fog is real or it if is just an excuse and I can tell you first hand it is no joke. One minute you are fine, the next minute nothing and sometimes it is scary.

I can remember a specific incident when I was in the middle of some nasty withdrawals and I needed to go to the store for toilet paper and a few other things, but toilet paper was the most important. I dragged myself in the shower, got dressed, got in the car, spoke to my Mom on the way to Target and when I got out of the car and put my purse in the cart, I was standing there in the entrance, in everyones way and no clue why I was there. I called my Mom back at work and had to ask her if I told her what I needed, I did not so I aimlessly walked the aisle of Target, throwing random things in my cart. I paid and knew I forgot something but had no clue what it was - until I pulled into the driveway of my home and I burst into tears because I was exhausted, I was over tired, I needed to lay down but instead I had to drive back to Target for the one thing that I truly needed. By the time I had been to Target twice, I barely made it upstairs and I was toast.

So what did I learn, a few things. That brain fog is real. Brain fog can strike at any moment, but mine seems to happen most often when I am tired and there are a few things that I have done that helps me not have a repeat of the Target incident.

So here are my Top 3 Tips, hope they help.

Tip #1:

Make a list. Now I know this is a pretty obvious one but I make two lists sometimes. One in myphone and one on paper. I cannot tell you how many times, I have written a list and then forgot it right on the kitchen counter. Or have walked out without my phone when you are in that place. 

So by writing it down in 2 places usually has you covered. Cause if the brain fog is truly bad, you can stand in the store, have no idea what you need and feel like a total fool.

Tip #2:

If I am having a really bad day, this is the time to ask for help. Call your Honey, your parents, your best friends, your neighbor and ask them to swing by the store for you on the way home, if they could cause you just can’t do it today. 

You’ll return the favor another day but right now, today you are not in a good place and are out of an essential that you truly need.

Tip #3:

Lay down and get as much rest as you possible can. Brain fog for me gets worse when I am really tired and if I have been pushing and not making enough time for me, my body lets me know it. 

So do your best to get to bed early and sleep in as much as you can, take a nap, your body is sending you signals that something is not right and it needs some major tlc right now.

Does brain fog affect you? How have you learned to combat it? Would love to hear your tips on what works for you, please share in the comments below. Also, if you have specific tips you’d like to request, click on the question box and I’ll get to yours just as soon as I can.