Learning to say NO……

This is a biggie for a lot of us. And I’m gonna add learning to say NO (and mean it AND not having to explain yourself)!

For a lot of us, who run businesses, have family and friends that depend on us this is really a tough one to follow through on but it is an essential part in our healing and in our learning to put ourselves first. 

My body does not run the way it use it, I cannot push it and neglect it like I did in the past. And, this has led me to realize that I have to pick and choose what I will give my time to more carefully. Certain events require more down-time for me and that too has to be added in. 

When I make a decision if I have the time, if I want to and if I can afford to attend an event that I have just been invited to all of this needs to be considered. Not all events are created equally and not all events require the same amount of consideration either, like for example lunch with a friend (where I can choose the restaurant) or a get together with co-workers after work at some random place someone chooses. 

Now I know to a non-celiac this isn’t even a question but I have to factor in, if I get glutened how will that effect what else I have to get done the rest of the week. If I have a deadline or a business meeting, I’m sorry I can’t always risk the time it takes to recover from being glutened to attend. So you have to learn the art of saying NO and meaning it. You don’t need to explain your reasons because quite honestly no one without celiac disease will understand it and sure there is the chance that everything will be fine, but at some point you have to realize that your time is too valuable and too precious to waste it getting sick all the time. Yes, I know this sucks big time and yes you may become a bit anti-social but that always won’t be the case. 

Trust me there are more than enough things that I absolutely love to do, with people whom I love being around, that a few strategic NO’s won’t kill you, instead they will protect you, help you long term with your health and will also speak volumes to those casual acquaintances after a while that your health has to be a priority.

Now most of my friends and family when choosing the restaurant or place where we get together choose a completely gluten-free restaurant where I have no worries at all or at the very least make sure the restaurant has a gluten-free menu so that they take my health out of the equation and I don’t have to skip events anymore. 

Sometimes you have to say NO in order for people to realize that you take your health seriously and they will be able to turn a future no into a YES when then fully understand what’s at stake for you.

How have you learned to incorporate No’s into your life that has benefitted you?  How has saying no, helped people in your life realize that you are serious about your health? Care to share some examples and tips that we can all learn from, please comment below.