Taking time to de-stress when you have any kind of health related issue, this is a crucial component to your recovery and healing. Your body can not do what it needs to do if it is constantly being overworked and overloaded. So it is essential that this becomes part of your routine as often as you can. 

The more you embrace this, the quicker your body will heal and will continue to function optimally. And as someone who only had one speed and pushed my body hard and then harder working sixty hours a week, 2-hour commutes in traffic, 5;00a gym-time, daily visits to the Chiropractor office so he could put me back together so I could repeat again the next day taking care of my family and oh yeah whatever was left to take care of me. I was high-strung, tightly wound, stressed out and my body eventually broke. I know I never want to go back to that place.  However, now-a-days my stress is not only around work, finances, family but it also around food too. I still don’t have an off button or a pause button but I have learned to change my routines around to include time to relax and de-stress every day so that I can keep my life going in a positive, healthy, healing way.

For me its mediation minimum of twice a day. First thing in the morning, I make sure to schedule my day with some quite time for me. Some time for me to sip my coffee or tea or lemon water and just write a bit, or to have some visualization time which helps me set up how I want my day to go, or if I my mind is racing with to-do’s, I listen to a mediation cd or online, Deepak Chopra is my favorite. He helps re-direct and focus my thoughts before my day really begins. In addition, as I crawl into bed I listen to another mediation. This helps my brain turn off and helps me calm down and get a better nights sleep. I am a former insomniac who could never quite down my thoughts. This truly has helped more than I could have ever thought.

How about you do you mediate or do visualization exercises? Do you actively set-up your day? Do you have certain rituals that calm you?

As someone with gluten issues you are always on, there is no off button. At no point can we just sit back and relax have a delicious meal unless you cooked it, so what works best for you? I know my friends think I’m crazy but I now find cooking and baking relaxing. Must be because I know whatever comes out of my kitchen is safe for me and I have learned to love it more and more. How about you? What relaxes you? What works for you? Please share your thoughts, you could absolutely help someone struggling.

Hope you have a happy, healthy, wonderful day and that you look to tomorrow with a new commitment to you health.