What Does Processed In A Facility That Also Processes Wheat Mean and Is It Safe?

There answer if it is a safe food for you depends. And here is why? 

This could mean a few different things. It could mean that somewhere in the facility where this food is made or processed, that wheat is present. It could mean that equipment is shared or it could mean that forklifts are shared moving packed boxes. You don’t know.

Some companies go to great lengths to respect and protect people who have wheat allergies and celiac disease and by law they have to put this disclaimer on their products because somewhere in this facility there is another product that has wheat in it.

Other companies are not as diligent. In some facilities equipment is shared. Meaning some companies run their gluten filled products three days a week on their machines, wipe everything down and on the other two days a week they run their gluten-free products. And yet, other companies run one gluten free product directly after one gluten filled product and they slap this little disclaimer on to cover their butts.

So what do I suggest, as a general rule I don’t purchase the product because I am extremely sensitive but what I do, do is take a few pictures of the label, the ingredients, the manufacturer information and contact information if provided. If no contact information is listed, then I hop online and do a quick search and I call them and ask what their practices are.

If the manufacturer won’t tell me what their practices are, I won’t purchase their products it’s that simple. If the manufacturer does tell me and I feel comfortable with their practices then I’ll give it a try. It is truly up to how much you are willing to trust the manufactures practices. Yes there are labeling law but this is a pretty gray area and until they differentiate and explicitly explain where wheat is in their facility, this is the best way I know for each of us to make the most informed decision that we can.

Hope this helps answer your question, dear reader. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings do you feel safe eating these foods, down below. And if you have a question of your own, click the ask a question button and I’ll do my best to answer soon.