What about my Kitchen?

I have been told that as a celiac that I need to start from scratch, pitch everything is that really necessary and why?

Let me start out by saying in a perfect world, yes if you have celiac disease that is your best option. But you have already spend thousands of dollars on testing and now food is more expensive, do you really need to invest in new dishes, pots, pans, utensils, cooking tools, and small appliances? The real answer is yes to most and here is why.

Lets start with some of the basics: 

  • a toaster is an absolute no questions asked yes you need a new one. Gluten-filled anything cannot come into contact with gluten-free anything and these always need to be kept separate.
  • pots and pans, this really depends on the condition of your pots and pans. Are they well used or barely used or somewhere in-between? The key here is to inspect every single pot and pan that you have and if they have any scratches, residual gunk that will not come off or are asking about a well-seasoned cast iron pan than the answer is YES these all need to be replaced. It only takes 1/1000 of a gram to set off an immune system reaction in your body for an additional 3 months, so do you really want to risk your health. My suggestion is to always start with one or two pans and build from there little by little.
  • cooking tools - wooded spoons, forks and anything made from wood are an absolute yes they must be replaced as crumbs definitely get trapped in them easily. The rest of your kitchen utensils again check the condition of them, for the most part they are relatively inexpensive and not a bad idea to periodically replace anyway so I’d say yes here too. In addition, make sure to clean the container holding them really well. 
  • utensils - we are talking about metal forks, spoons and knives here and I’d say no, unless they are in bad shape and full of scratches and marks but for the most part a few cycles in the dishwasher should get them spotless and they should be fine.
  • dishes - what kind of condition are they in? is it time to change them anyway, then now’s a good time. If they are in great shape and/or relatively new and have no scratches, dings, or chunks missing from them, again a few rounds in the dishwasher should have them spotless so you should be fine here too. As long as they are not made from any kind of wood, then they definitely need to be replaced too.
  • glassware and cups - for glassware that is rotated or rarely used and is in good condition and are spotless than no. But do you have a favorite glass or cup that you always drink out of that has a crack in it, chip in it or some stains that won’t come completely clean, than its time to get a new favorite cup or glass.


I know replacing everything can be super expensive, so start slowly and with the ones that are absolute musts first. 

Is it the same for those of you who are gluten-sensitive? The answer is no, it is not necessary to do an entire kitchen overhaul but I do suggest a complete cleaning overhaul for you as well. If anything has residual gunk and does not become spotless than maybe it’s time to pitch and start from there. 

Hope this helps answer your question, dear reader. Feel free to share your experiences and advise below and if you have a question of your own, click the ask a question button and I’ll do my best to answer soon.