Help I Have A Blind Date, What Do I Do?


Ahhhh dating…. Don’t you just love meeting new people, getting all dressed up, the butterflies and having an unexpectedly lovely time. Me too! But it’s a tad bit different if you have celiac disease.

Guess the first thing to ask since this is a blind date, did the person who set you up - tell Mr. Blind Date that you have celiac disease and what that means? I’m guessing no, hence the question. So here’s my best advice.

Get his number and call him before your date and find out what he has in mind to do for a date. Not all dates have to be lunch or dinner dates. You could go walking in the park, on a hike, meet at a juice bar, check out a museum or a picnic on the beach is my favorite. 

I get it you don’t want your food issues to become the focal point of your date and you’d like to get to know this guy a little first but you absolutely have to talk to him and explain some of the details. And you certainly don’t want him to choose a restaurant where you have zero options, he won’t want that either once he understands.

This is why getting his number first and having a little chat with him before your date, can help in three ways. One, you will have already broken the ice a bit and you both will be able to relax and enjoy each other more already connecting a bit on the phone. Two, it will help him plan a lovely date, fully taking into consideration your health if this is something that he is willing to do after your chat. And three, you will know right off the bat, if he is worth your time. If a man gives you a tough time and finds your health too much of an inconvenience for him to deal with, he just saved you both an awkward night and you may just call off the date right then and there.

You most likely are looking for a man who is in it for the long-haul. A man who has to put some work into dating you and protecting your health will do that if he is interested. If he is willing to be open, willing to learn more on the subject, ask questions and become supportive than I say he is a keeper and enjoy him. 

However, if I am too much work for him, if I am too much trouble for him, I’d rather know upfront than invest my time in someone who will not invest in me. 

So I have found that celiac disease helps weed out the real men who want more than a causal fling, who actually want to get to know the real me. Celiac disease will always be a part of my life, so there is no sense hiding who you are, your health is way more important than one persons opinion of you. And remember the way he responds is a reflection of who he is, not who you are.

I also suggestion having a little talk with your friend, no more setting you up on blind dates unless she tells them about you having celiac disease.

Hope this helps answer your question, dear reader and regardless of my thoughts, I sure hope you had a wonderful date. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on this below. And if you have a question of your own, click the ask a question button and I’ll do my best to answer soon.