Cheers to finding a way...


Hope all of you have had a wonderful Holiday and great New Years. 

2015 was an incredible and a rough year for me. Some of my high’s were writing a book, going to NYC and having a book launch party in Whole Foods Lincoln Center, becoming a Certified Gluten Practitioner with Dr. Tom O’Bryan and finally meeting the man who truly changed the state of my health. Some of my low’s were dealing with several additional complications with my health, my Mom has had some health challenges too this year and making some tough decisions to end a relationship with a man who I will always love. 

As 2016 begins, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Oprah, “Cheers to another year, to get it right!” My question is what does right look like to you? And how will you know if you finally get there?

Often many of us have New Year’s resolutions that we tell ourselves this year I am going to accomplish __________. The challenge lies in the fact that may of us get pulled off course by life and by February our resolutions are often forgotten.

Resolutions have never been my thing, but Vision Boards always have. There is just something about getting creative, connecting to your goals and having something that is beautiful that you look at every day. It helps me focus on what’s important, it keeps me grounded and certainly inspires me to do more on days when I absolutely don’t want to. So as New Year’s day begins, its marks the beginning of a new year, some new goals and this is the day that I lay it all out and plan what I want 2016 to look like. 

What does your 2016 look like? Often times, we all have health and fitness goals for ourselves at the this time of year, we all have great intensions but we fall short because we fail to implement a plan on what it will take to make these goals become your reality. Tony Robbins often says, “If we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” So basically, what you make a priority in 2016 will be determined by the actions you take on a consistent basis. This will become your reality, this time next year.

Consistent action requires re-evaluating our time, our habits or lifestyle choices and if your goals are important enough - you will find a way. So my quote would have to be “Cheers to finding a way to make your goals, your reality!” May your 2016 be filled with vibrant health, lots of love, happiness, joy and new beautiful realities. And, if gluten is an issue for you, this year commit to yourself to make your health a real priority, change your habits and take consistent action towards your health, your healing and your life.