Working In Your Pajamas - Good Thing or Bad Thing?

Working in your pajamas certainly has an appeal to most people, it is just the thought that seems so lovely and makes most of us smile. I'm not sure if it is the not having to get up and get dressed, put any make-up on, do your hair or see anyone that just sounds like heaven to so many of us. The problem is when you do work from home and you are trying to run a business it certainly is an easy trap to fall into.

If it is a once in a while thing when you feel like crap and you stay in your pajamas for a few extra hours on a day when you would have normally called in sick to a regular 9 to 5 job that's one thing. But when it becomes part of your every day pattern it is definitely not a good thing.

When you work from home and you own your own business it is imperative that you create healthy every day rituals and creative outlets that allow you to be as productive as you possible can. These are basic keys to success so getting dressed really just seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? Somehow you just can not be as productive on a daily basis when you can be ready for a nap at a moments notice. And, for sure on days when nothing seems to be going according to your plan are you not more apt to take a nap and escape since you are already dressed for bed, then push through the pain of whatever you are working on?

The problem is when you have your business on the brain 24/7, I have to say I find myself falling into this trap myself when I start my day with a cup of coffee at my computer. I get so wrapped up and I have a tendency to lose track of time and before I know it, it is 2:00p.m., I haven't had breakfast, let alone lunch, haven't showered, my hair is in a ponytail, no make-up, look like I just rolled out of bed, because I did several hours ago and God help you if the doorbell rings, you might as well die if you are the only one home.

Some people would think this is not necessarily a problem and would be happy that you were productive for x number of hours and that would be true. However, when you actually make the time in the morning to actually take care of yourself, get showered, dressed, a little make-up, do your hair, workout and have a little food it makes a world of difference. You can actually be two sometimes three times more productive and for many more hours when you make time for yourself. Plus you never have to worry about a client real or potential one coming to the door and having to hide. I know that is not a concern for men, but for women I know you understand where I am coming from. I'm not about to open the door looking like hell, I'd rather say sorry I missed them then come across as completely unprofessional looking like a college student who has been studying for days.

So the real question to ask yourself about working in your pajamas is: Are they holding you back from being as productive as you can be because they are super comfy and you might be a wee bit lazy? Being lazy and super productive and successful don't go hand in hand no matter how many times you try to justify or spin it. So just say no to working in your pajamas. Great in theory but not great in practice.


Lisa Marichal is an Expert Body Image Consultant, Speaker and Writer who helps women and girls realize their own potential and gifts within themselves. You can visit her at [] to learn more.


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