Valentine's Day- What Is Your Choice?

I'm not exactly sure what it is about Valentine's Day, but it is a day that cuts to the very core of who I am a true and hopeless romantic. Honestly, I always seems to amaze even me that I still somehow manage to get excited at this time of year. That I still hold hope in my heart that this one will be different. That this one will be special. Traditionally, in my world Valentine's Day have not been all that kind to me. One sticks out in particular, that was one with my lawyer discussing my divorce. Certainly one I will never forget and that left a permanent mark on my heart. But, I still choose to believe in love, I still choose to believe that my bad luck in my Valentine's of my past have absolutely no bearing on my Valentine's of my future. And, I choose to be happy!

Having a great Valentine's Day has little to do with your current status as a couple I have finally learned. On a day filled with pink and red, why not play along and do things that make you happy. Do things that bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. Why not treat yourself as you want to be treated? Why not love you enough to buy yourself some flowers, or make a date with friends, or plan a spa day to pamper yourself, or buy yourself a new purse or a matching pair of shoes. Give yourself the gift that you wish, he would. Who ever said you couldn't be thoughtful to yourself?

Don't pick apart the relationship that you do have even if he isn't the most romantic. Romance is something that you can create as well. Some guys don't have a clue what women think are romantic and truth be told what works for one woman may not work for another so they need a little help sometimes. If you are lucky enough to spend Valentine's Day with someone special, if they make an effort, if they show you how important you are to them, then you have been truly blessed. Then you should cherish them, enjoy your time together and do something special for them as well. Go that extra mile and make sure they know how much they are loved and how much they mean to you. That's truly what the day is all about.

I have spent way to many Valentine's Day waiting for the perfect man, perfect evening, perfect gift and I'm here to say that nothing is perfect. Your life is not a romance novel but your life is yours and striving for perfect that is not attainable only leads to heartache.

And, if you don't have a special romantic partner that is perfectly okay too. Do something special for the people you love, your parents, your kids or your friends. There is nothing like brightening another person's day because you made them something from your heart to theirs. Don't walk around all sad and depressed because you don't have anyone special in your life. The truth is your not ready because when you are really, really ready to put down your anger, to put down your disappointment, to put down your fear and to put down your story, he will come.

Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. And choosing to want more in your life is also a choice. So what choice are you making this Valentine's Day? I hope you choose to be happy!

Lisa Marichal is an Expert Body Image Consultant, Speaker and Writer who helps women and girls realize their own potential and gifts within themselves. You can visit her at [] to learn more.

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