Image in the mirror

Why is it that the image in the mirror never seems to measure up?

Having a health body image can do more for your confidence and your success in all areas of your life than money, a great body and the perfect job.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see?  Do you see your fine lines on your face? the bags under your eyes? your sagging whatever? your ugly whatever? your too round whatever? your not small enough whatever? and too big whatever? why do you never measure up to the image that we hold in our head? 

Why are we constantly searching for perfection that is unattainable? I use to think it was only me who beat the crap out of myself on a regular basis until I heard a friend of mine pick herself apart when I thought she looked beautiful. So the question is "Are we ever enough and will we ever be truly satisfied with how you look?"

Yes I can not deny that the media, television, and magazines have only served to make us all feel like we could all use a little work. But there is a difference between what we could use as a little inspiration to get our butts up off the couch and to get to the gym than obsessing over every morsel that we put in our mouths, becoming a gym rat 24/7 and putting plastic surgery on Santa's Wish List so that we may one day look like your favorite model or actress who was born genetically blessed, where her body is her business and she spends a fortune on it.

As mere mortals and as working women and mothers is it wrong to want to look better? I say absolutely no it is not. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful, powerful, sexy, pretty, flirty, fun and on occasion down right gorgeous. What always amazes me is how far we really are from that? How could you possibly think that constantly tearing yourself down could get you a step closer? How far off is your vision of reality to how you really look? Do you even notice what makes you beautiful?

Blaming the other sex for being attracted to a gorgeous women is a little harsh. There is nothing wrong with a little appreciation for a pretty women. The question is how do you react when that happens. Do you agree that she is fabulous? Do you pick her apart and disagree out loud or in your head, so you feel better about yourself? or do you hold her as another woman who makes you feel inferior and you hate yourself a little more for not being that pretty?  Why do we all have to feel like we are in competition? I mean if its suppose to be that the best body who wins then are we all losers if we are swimsuit models or Victoria Secret models? Right?

It is how we perceive ourself that matters. It is what we tell ourselves that makes a difference. It is making an effort to put your best face forward every day. When you can do that, when you can learn to like yourself for who you are and be proud of the life and the body you have built, everything sort of falls into place in your life. It rarely happens in reverse. Learn to love the body, the curves and not so great parts of yourself first. No one says you can't work hard to change them, its just not worth ruining your life over and obsessing over to the point that you feel less than you are.

Lisa Marichal is an Expert Body Image Consultant, Speaker and Writer who helps women and girls realize their own potential and gifts within themselves. You can visit her at [] to learn more.

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