Hi, I'm Lisa Marichal


About a decade ago my life went up in flames, I GOT DIVORCED, I LOST MY JOB and I LOST MY HOME all within the SAME MONTH. I was numb, I was barely getting through the day so I went to a therapist for a little while who gave me the best advise ever. She suggested a change of scenery and told me to go someplace you have always wanted to. So I went on the trip of a lifetime to ITALY to find something to feel again, to figure out who I was and what really mattered in my life now.  


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Traveling alone in a foreign country and not speaking the language was an experience that CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER and made an IMPRINT ON MY SOUL  as I witnessed a new way of life that I needed very much in my own. It was one where "things" didn't matter but people and experiences did. I was looking forward to starting over and getting my life right this time. :)


And, then soon after coming home I got sick... REALLY SICK. Doctor after doctor, diagnose after diagnosis started coming with everything from IBS to Crohn's Disease to Chronic Fatigue to Rheumatoid Arthritis, to a non-functioning Thyroid and I could go on and on but NONE of these DIAGNOSIS EVER FELT RIGHT to me.


I had zero energy, monster migraines, major cramping every time I ate anything, I was tied to the bathroom and I swear even my fingernails hurt back then. Some days my greatest accomplishment was showering and washing my hair.  I had no idea what to do, what to eat, alls I knew that if I didn't figure this out soon, I might not be around much longer. I actually felt like my body was shutting down and something was really wrong, not a little wrong, but really wrong.


I decided it was time to figure some of this out on my own and start fighting for the Italian future I envisioned some time ago. And, I enrolled in nutrition school to see if I could change any of this. Honestly I don't know how I made it through nutrition school as sick as I was and I began my studies at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and that truly was the beginning of my obsession to find my way back to health and start living again. 


In the last few years of my education, I have learned from the top nutrition, wellness and doctors who are experts in their fields such as Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Walter Willet, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Dr. Alessio Fasano, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Aristo Vjodani, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Mark Hyman,  Dr. Andrew Weil, David Wolfe, Deepak Chopra, Geneen Roth and Brene' Brown and many, many more. 

I needed a deeper understanding of what gluten does to and in our bodies so I also went on to become a Certified Gluten Practitioner (through Dr. Tom O'Bryan's CGP Program where I learned the foundation of Gluten Related and Autoimmune Disorders, how to properly test and assess for them and most importantly, how to support my clients). Dr. Tom O'Bryan is on the teaching facility for the Institute of Functional Medicine and who is a nationally recognized speaker, expert and workshop leader specializing in the complications of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 

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There is so much misinformation out there about going gluten free. I can't tell you how many Facebook groups I joined in search of some real answers and the only thing I ever got out of them was a bunch of judgy people who were willing to argue with everyone about their own views as to how they can eat certain gluten free foods without any reactions so don't worry you will be fine..... ahhhh NOOOOOOO sorry I know better and so should you.


When you read the ingredients in some of these gluten free foods you should be alarmed, you should be angry and you have to know that your health will absolutely pay the ultimate price for putting this crap in it (even if it is gluten free). We have to heal our bodies and that will not come if you don't eat healthy and gluten free.


There are no QUICK FIXES here, there will NEVER BE a SAFE PILL TO EAT GLUTEN, and there no SHORT CUTS to your health let's be honest. 


And, I am the AUTHOR of  Gluten Free Guide to a Healthy-Do-Over. I wrote this book in hopes of reaching more people and helping them connect the dots with their health and to understand that their health is within their control. What we put in our mouths every day will definitely show up in our health and in our bodies. 


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I can't wait to hear and see your stories.

Much love on your do-over,Lisa.png